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Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Prof: Ezio Blasetti
Project with: Ying Cheng

The project embarks on a captivating journey of algorithmic exploration, delving into the realms of form and space. At its core, it draws inspiration from the foundational principles of the simple game of life, a cellular automaton devised by mathematician John Conway. However, in this creative endeavor, the project takes a bold departure from convention by reimagining the very essence of data manipulation within the space.

Rather than merely adhering to predefined rules, this project introduces a groundbreaking concept—letting the space evolve organically, autonomously, and dynamically. By ingeniously altering the data governing the space, a mesmerizing process unfolds. The once-static canvas now comes alive, exhibiting an intricate dance of growth and transformation. This novel approach opens up a world of possibilities, where the evolution of form and space becomes a captivating spectacle, revealing the inherent beauty and complexity that can emerge when the boundaries of algorithmic creativity are pushed to their limits.

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