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Institution: Pratt Institute

Prof: Duks Koschitz
Research Assistant: Xuechen Chen
Student Team: Sharon Broyn, Xuechen Chen, Chafiq Ennaoui, David Huh, Bharati Kodnani, Yen Chi Lee, Shaun Mehta, Jonathan Ovshayev, Massi Surratt, Yuheng Wu, Runyu Zheng

Given the geometric constraint of curved-crease paperfolding which type of shell
can be designed and fabricated that uses a single surface folded along curves
with compliant hinges? This research project resulted in building a shell based on
curved folds, specifically mirror reflections of a general cylinder. The structure was
realized with vulcanized paper, a material that becomes malleable while moist.
This enabled a building process in two phases, the first while the material is wet
and foldable, and the second when the paper pulp dries and hardens.

The general connection between form, expression and fabrication needs further exploration today as we need to find appropriate topics in geometry that are energy efficient and allows for sustainable fabrication processes. Folding sheet goods has an inherent used in the building industry, because one can avoid the use of expensive mold. As a semester long exploration, the 11 student studio was dispersed into 5 teams. Each team was to focus on a different aspect of shelter :Overall organization, sheets, ribs, and foundations. In my role as a research assistant, I assumed a range of critical responsibilities that significantly contributed to the project's success. These duties encompassed organizing and documenting project files systematically, ensuring their accessibility, and maintaining a methodical approach to data storage and retrieval. Additionally, I actively contributed to the project's visual representation by producing detailed and informative diagrams, which played an essential role in conveying complex concepts and enhancing project presentations. Beyond administrative and documentation tasks, I made substantive contributions to the project's design, actively participating in the creative process, offering design concepts, and collaborating with team members to refine and elevate the overall architectural vision of the pavilion.

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