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The Museum of the Uncertainty is situated amidst the enigmatic La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, where a veil of uncertainty shrouds the secrets hidden beneath the viscous tar. It is precisely this very uncertainty that lends an irresistibly captivating allure to the Tar Pits.

Beneath the thick tar, lies a realm of mysteries yet to be unveiled, and it is this very intrigue that draws people in. The history of the Tar Pit vividly illustrates the pivotal roles played by the processes of excavation, discovery, and preservation at this remarkable site. In our design, we aspire to shine a spotlight on these three fundamental elements and artfully capture the essence of uncertainty that pervades the Tar Pits.

The project comprises three distinct structures, each offering a unique experience. When entering from Wilshire Boulevard, visitors first embark on a journey where they feel submerged beneath a sea of tar before arriving at the museum's welcoming canopy. Within the building, an exhibition featuring fossils from both storage and hallway collections awaits. In the research building, a network of interconnected excavation sites creates a maze-like circulation, allowing observers to witness the excavation process unfolding beneath them. In the institution building, visitors can expand their knowledge through lectures while gazing out at the extensive excavation sites. The inherent uncertainty of excavation sparks the thrill of discovery. As we navigate these uncertainties, we must delve into the stories concealed within them to uncover and later retell these magnificent tales in the future. The excitement of unraveling the Tar Pit's history is encapsulated in lab research, which gradually unveils the narratives hidden within each bone, shedding light on the Tar Pit's nature in the past.

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