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Project with: Yue Pan, Yuxuan Liang

The undertaking in question pertains to the establishment of a UPS hub situated within the upper west side of New York City. This edifice is mandated to serve a dual purpose, functioning as both an office and a logistical space.

The essence of this project revolves around the profound exploration of the intricate interplay between human organization and the logistical system. This exploration is achieved by harnessing the inherent tensions between the architectural curvature of the floor plan, the enveloping facade, and the internal circulation of the building. The overarching objective is to cultivate a harmonious coexistence of both human occupants and automated machinery within this space.

Within this UPS Hub, there exists an imperative demand for the optimization of both logistical and circulation systems. To meet this demand, the project embarks on a creative journey of reinventing the structural grid and logistical intricacies, encompassing various scales, thicknesses, and hierarchies. Through this ingenious approach, the project artfully amalgamates and interconnects disparate spaces and programmatic elements, thereby birthing a novel paradigm wherein human and machine logistics seamlessly cohabitate within the architectural confines of the building. The project places a substantial emphasis on the structural aspects, where the various grid types engender diverse spatial configurations conducive to the coexistence of both human and machine elements. This project serves as a dynamic hybrid, seamlessly blending the functions of an office, package conveyance, and storage facility. On its elevation, intricate structural elements manifest in the form of diverse bars, which serve as indicators for the multifarious spaces within. These structures wield a substantial influence over the pathways by which both humans and machines navigate, inhabit, and carry out their respective functions.

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