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Urban relationships can be very intimate, and very distant at the same time. Based on Walter Benjamin’s apt observation and concept, the experience of the flâneur—the attached and detached roles in city life—is part of the modernity in our cities. Our active participation in and fascination with street life ought to give us a new relationship to the time and space.

As said, our active involvement and fascination with the bustling streetscape imposes the potential to bestow on us an entirely new ralationship with the dimensions of time and space. This is the premise upon which the 'Urban Unfolding' series unfolds—a symphony of architectural endeavors and philosophical inquiries aimed at unveiling the intricate urban tapestries that drape over three of the world's most prominent cities: New York City, Rome, and the meandering River Thames weaving through London. These cities, living entities in their own right, perpetually unfold and remake their architectural underpinnings. Simultaneously, they inscribe indelible marks upon the individual psyche, conjuring personal memories that attach themselves to specific architectural canvases—an immersive journey we shall term "personal immersions." Gradually, these individual encounters converge into a collective urban impression, giving rise to a shared urban reality. The contrast between these intensely personal experiences and the overarching architectural compositions serves as the crucible for a profound understanding of the city. It is within this dynamic interplay that we unearth the city's essence—a stage upon which the grand drama of urban life continually unfolds.


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